Part 1: Developing Your Ministry’s Heart to Start Work on New Campuses

“I have never been so honored for someone to tell me to go.  Thank you for believing in me.” I was cleaning off my bulletin board above my desk and found a note with the above statement written on it. It was from a recent graduate who we’d asked to go to another campus toContinue reading “Part 1: Developing Your Ministry’s Heart to Start Work on New Campuses”

Leading Off The Map

Unprecedented. Unheard of. Never before. These are the words that people use to describe this COVID-19 situation. The church has gone online and families adjust to the “new normal” of social distancing and quarantine. What we’ve done before will not work wherever we are now or where we are headed.  We can crumple up theContinue reading “Leading Off The Map”

Developing a Leadership Pathway

Do you spend much time at the doctor’s office? If you haven’t, just wait till you have kids! And, if you are blessed with boys, expect to spend some time at the ER as well. Just saying… I have four kids so I’ve seen a lot of waiting rooms. Waiting rooms are all pretty muchContinue reading “Developing a Leadership Pathway”

A Vision for Multiplying Your Ministry

“What you’ve heard from me in the presence of many witnesses pass on to faithful men who in turn can train others.”Paul of Tarsus“The gospel came to you on its way to someone else.”Rob Gallaty“Your church is the fruit of other people and churches whose names may have been long forgotten.  Has your church startedContinue reading “A Vision for Multiplying Your Ministry”

2 Generations or 4 Generations

2 Timothy 2:2 – What you heard from me [Paul] in the presence of others pass on to faithful men who in turn can teach others. I love this verse! If someone was to ask me what is my favorite verse I don’t know if this is it, but it is close.  I love theContinue reading “2 Generations or 4 Generations”

Fill The Room or Fill the Field

John Worcester said, “Fill the field instead of fill the room.”  This is such a powerful statement! It’s so simple but packed with so much insight!  Instead of gathering students to hear you preach how can you send students out.  Instead of packing out the room how can you saturate the harvest field with workers. Continue reading “Fill The Room or Fill the Field”

4 Quadrants of Engagement

You could spend every waking hour on your campus and not get done everything you need to get done. Am I right? One friend on a huge campus said to me one time, “I haven’t finished a to-do list since I started this job!” We all have limited time. Between family, work, ministry, friends, socialContinue reading “4 Quadrants of Engagement”