A Vision for Multiplying Your Ministry

“What you’ve heard from me in the presence of many witnesses pass on to faithful men who in turn can train others.”Paul of Tarsus“The gospel came to you on its way to someone else.”Rob Gallaty“Your church is the fruit of other people and churches whose names may have been long forgotten.  Has your church startedContinue reading “A Vision for Multiplying Your Ministry”

10 Ways to Develop Your Staff

Having a staff can be one of the most rewarding and challenging things for a campus minister to deal with.  A good staff can multiply kingdom work in amazing ways, but a dysfunctional staff can kill a ministry quickly.  Often times as ministers we are quick to develop students but once we have staff weContinue reading “10 Ways to Develop Your Staff”

5 Things You Do To Build A Team

This isn’t rocket science, but it seems like we are always striving to build community.  How do we get these strangers to come together and love each other and get along. With the constant influx of new people its hard to build a culture of family and community. Mike Breen writes about this and usesContinue reading “5 Things You Do To Build A Team”

What Sport Are You Playing? Navigating Growth

Growth in ministry is always exhilarating! Having more there than last year, starting a new small group, having to set out “overflow” seating; all of these things keep you coming back! It’s surfing the wave of chaos! But transitions can also be really hard. It’s hard moving from a “small group Bible study” to aContinue reading “What Sport Are You Playing? Navigating Growth”

Don’t Blow It With Your Interns

I remember the first year we had the budget (and enough students) to warrant an intern. I was excited! We were now “multi-staff.” We could have staff meetings instead of me talking to myself on the way to campus! The only problem was I had no clue what I was doing. Literally, no clue. IContinue reading “Don’t Blow It With Your Interns”