Part 1: Developing Your Ministry’s Heart to Start Work on New Campuses

“I have never been so honored for someone to tell me to go.  Thank you for believing in me.” I was cleaning off my bulletin board above my desk and found a note with the above statement written on it. It was from a recent graduate who we’d asked to go to another campus toContinue reading “Part 1: Developing Your Ministry’s Heart to Start Work on New Campuses”

Leading Off The Map

Unprecedented. Unheard of. Never before. These are the words that people use to describe this COVID-19 situation. The church has gone online and families adjust to the “new normal” of social distancing and quarantine. What we’ve done before will not work wherever we are now or where we are headed.  We can crumple up theContinue reading “Leading Off The Map”

Virtual 1on1s

Make Disciples: Virtual 1on1s. Sunday morning I, like most Christians, sat on the couch with my family and watched our church service online. I gotta admit, it was kind of a cool experience! Later that afternoon, I caught a couple more services from churches around town.  I watched as the CHURCH broke Facebook Live!  NeverContinue reading “Virtual 1on1s”

The Comparison Game

The Comparison Game The past week my social media feed has been overwhelmed by the number of live-streamed ministries. I’m guessing yours has been too! Some of them have been simple recordings off a phone or tablet and others have been high-tech productions.  And if I’m honest, REALLY honest, as our team was prepping forContinue reading “The Comparison Game”

Developing a Leadership Pathway

Do you spend much time at the doctor’s office? If you haven’t, just wait till you have kids! And, if you are blessed with boys, expect to spend some time at the ER as well. Just saying… I have four kids so I’ve seen a lot of waiting rooms. Waiting rooms are all pretty muchContinue reading “Developing a Leadership Pathway”

10 Ways to Develop Your Staff

Having a staff can be one of the most rewarding and challenging things for a campus minister to deal with.  A good staff can multiply kingdom work in amazing ways, but a dysfunctional staff can kill a ministry quickly.  Often times as ministers we are quick to develop students but once we have staff weContinue reading “10 Ways to Develop Your Staff”

Fill The Room or Fill the Field

John Worcester said, “Fill the field instead of fill the room.”  This is such a powerful statement! It’s so simple but packed with so much insight!  Instead of gathering students to hear you preach how can you send students out.  Instead of packing out the room how can you saturate the harvest field with workers. Continue reading “Fill The Room or Fill the Field”