Virtual 1on1s

Make Disciples: Virtual 1on1s. Sunday morning I, like most Christians, sat on the couch with my family and watched our church service online. I gotta admit, it was kind of a cool experience! Later that afternoon, I caught a couple more services from churches around town.  I watched as the CHURCH broke Facebook Live!  NeverContinue reading “Virtual 1on1s”

A Vision for Multiplying Your Ministry

“What you’ve heard from me in the presence of many witnesses pass on to faithful men who in turn can train others.”Paul of Tarsus“The gospel came to you on its way to someone else.”Rob Gallaty“Your church is the fruit of other people and churches whose names may have been long forgotten.  Has your church startedContinue reading “A Vision for Multiplying Your Ministry”

Fill The Room or Fill the Field

John Worcester said, “Fill the field instead of fill the room.”  This is such a powerful statement! It’s so simple but packed with so much insight!  Instead of gathering students to hear you preach how can you send students out.  Instead of packing out the room how can you saturate the harvest field with workers. Continue reading “Fill The Room or Fill the Field”

Working on Jesus’ Timeline: the Plumb Line for Success

Have you ever thought about how similar Jesus’ situation was to the average college minister?  Think about it.  Jesus walked into his ministry knowing he only had about three years with his disciples. We’ve got five, maybe.  He knew that after three years they would be separated from them and so he had to beginContinue reading “Working on Jesus’ Timeline: the Plumb Line for Success”

Is God Done on Campus?

It’s that moment when you sit with your students and look into their eyes and they are done. And I mean done. They’ve pushed through the first of the semester rush. They’ve engaged their campuses with the gospel and they are spent. Like Paul, they would say, “I’ve been poured out as a drink offering.”Continue reading “Is God Done on Campus?”

Launch Pads vs. Waiting Rooms

Do you spend much time at the doctor’s office? If you haven’t, just wait till you have kids! And, if you are blessed with boys, expect to spend some time at the ER as well. Just saying… I have four kids and three of them are boys and our girl is a tomboy, so I’veContinue reading “Launch Pads vs. Waiting Rooms”