Launch Pads vs. Waiting Rooms

Do you spend much time at the doctor’s office? If you haven’t, just wait till you have kids! And, if you are blessed with boys, expect to spend some time at the ER as well. Just saying… I have four kids and three of them are boys and our girl is a tomboy, so I’veContinue reading “Launch Pads vs. Waiting Rooms”

Creating an Evangelism Culture

A few weeks ago I stood in front of our students at our weekly evangelism training meeting and told them I was the worst evangelist in the room.  They laughed, but I was being serious.  I turn green with jealousy when I meet people with the gift of evangelism.  You know the people I’m talkingContinue reading “Creating an Evangelism Culture”

What Sport Are You Playing? Navigating Growth

Growth in ministry is always exhilarating! Having more there than last year, starting a new small group, having to set out “overflow” seating; all of these things keep you coming back! It’s surfing the wave of chaos! But transitions can also be really hard. It’s hard moving from a “small group Bible study” to aContinue reading “What Sport Are You Playing? Navigating Growth”

Sending Your Students Home for the Break

Going home for the holidays can be a great season for our students.  It can also be awkward. Students who’ve been free to come and go as they please are force to succumb to curfews and the onslaught of parental questions like “where are you going?” or “who’s going to be there?”  It can beContinue reading “Sending Your Students Home for the Break”

Let Others Teach Your Students

“You know, I think I need to start reading my Bible everyday. It seems to really help,” one of our upperclassmen students told me after one of our retreats. “Really?” I said, trying not to let my sarcasm show through. “Yeah, after that guy spoke about how he met with God I realized that isContinue reading “Let Others Teach Your Students”

Don’t Blow It With Your Interns

I remember the first year we had the budget (and enough students) to warrant an intern. I was excited! We were now “multi-staff.” We could have staff meetings instead of me talking to myself on the way to campus! The only problem was I had no clue what I was doing. Literally, no clue. IContinue reading “Don’t Blow It With Your Interns”

Create a Sending Culture

Five years ago it was an anomaly for our students to go on mission projects.  We’d offer them occasionally, but the response was dismal and few seemed interested. We knew that had to change so we began to be more strategic and intentional about how we approached student involvement in missions.  We have seen aContinue reading “Create a Sending Culture”