10 CMI Commandments

What a privilege!  You have a Campus Missionary Intern! On the one hand, it is a great opportunity for them to serve alongside and learn from you, but on the other hand, you should approach this with fear and trembling!  You are a steward of someone’s first “real job” experience and their first taste ofContinue reading “10 CMI Commandments”

Part 3: Developing Your Ministry’s Heart to Start Work on New Campuses

This is the third and final installment.  If you missed the first two, here is Part 1 and Part 2. The nine months leading up to our first child’s birth I slept great!  My wife on the other hand, would experience the full spectrum of emotions and changes accompanied by many sleepless nights. I neverContinue reading “Part 3: Developing Your Ministry’s Heart to Start Work on New Campuses”

Why Sabbatical?

After ten years of working at the Tarleton BSM I’m taking a two month sabbatical this summer.  It has been on the calendar since November and I have to admit COVID is really jacking with some of my plans, but the summer is the best time to take it in campus ministry.  The more I’veContinue reading “Why Sabbatical?”

Leading Off The Map

Unprecedented. Unheard of. Never before. These are the words that people use to describe this COVID-19 situation. The church has gone online and families adjust to the “new normal” of social distancing and quarantine. What we’ve done before will not work wherever we are now or where we are headed.  We can crumple up theContinue reading “Leading Off The Map”

Virtual 1on1s

Make Disciples: Virtual 1on1s. Sunday morning I, like most Christians, sat on the couch with my family and watched our church service online. I gotta admit, it was kind of a cool experience! Later that afternoon, I caught a couple more services from churches around town.  I watched as the CHURCH broke Facebook Live!  NeverContinue reading “Virtual 1on1s”

The Comparison Game

The Comparison Game The past week my social media feed has been overwhelmed by the number of live-streamed ministries. I’m guessing yours has been too! Some of them have been simple recordings off a phone or tablet and others have been high-tech productions.  And if I’m honest, REALLY honest, as our team was prepping forContinue reading “The Comparison Game”


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