Bibs or Aprons

If you’ve ever had kids you know about bibs.  They are a lifesaver! Bibs will save you, as a parent, from having to change your kids clothes 4 times a day!  They are a beautiful and useful thing.  And more and more today they are making bibs out of anything – clothe, silicon, plastic.  It’s interesting that when you take that same piece of cloth and move it down 2-3 feet is something different.

If you’ve ever been to a restaurant you’ve experience this.  As you are seated, usually a waiter will approach you, pull something out of his apron and write down you order.  You take that same piece of cloth and change its location and it changes the dynamic of your relationship with someone.

A bib communicates that you need someone to do something for you.  An apron asks the question, “What can I do for you?”

As followers of Jesus, are calling is to wear the apron.  We serve our neighbors, we serve our ministries and our families.  How often do you come to church wearing a bib instead of the apron?  What attitude shift needs to happen in order to move that piece of cloth a couple feet down in order for you to come, not as a consumer, but as a contributor?

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