5 Things You Do To Build A Team

This isn’t rocket science, but it seems like we are always striving to build community.  How do we get these strangers to come together and love each other and get along. With the constant influx of new people its hard to build a culture of family and community. Mike Breen writes about this and uses the the Greek word “oikos” or household. Here are 5 things he says that a household does togther.

Have fun together.  Go to the movies.  Have some hangout time. If it’s all business all the time then you won’t have each other’s backs because it’s just a “working relationship”

When you pray together you begin to hear each other’s hearts before God and it binds you closer.  Besides, it’s harder to have discord with someone after you pray alongside of them and for them.

There is something about food that brings people together.  You notice that Jesus eats with his disciples alot?  Break bread and spend time in each other’s homes.

Community is built in the trenches of vision and mission, not in the comfort of “team building”  Find a mission, share it, rally behind it and mission together.

Are you willing to share what’s yours to help someone else?  You can always tell how close a group is when they are deciding where to eat and someone says, “I can’t this time. I’m broke” Community will say, “nah, man, come on.  I got you.”

May this things help you build community on your campus and on your team.  I praying for you and that they will know us by our love!

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