We want to see students engaged with the gospel, established as disciples, equipped as disciplemakers, and launched as multipliers into the world.

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10 CMI Commandments

What a privilege!  You have a Campus Missionary Intern! On the one hand, it is a great opportunity for them to serve alongside and learn from you, but on the other hand, you should approach this with fear and trembling!  You are a steward of someone’s first “real job” experience and their first taste ofContinue reading “10 CMI Commandments”

Part 3: Developing Your Ministry’s Heart to Start Work on New Campuses

This is the third and final installment.  If you missed the first two, here is Part 1 and Part 2. The nine months leading up to our first child’s birth I slept great!  My wife on the other hand, would experience the full spectrum of emotions and changes accompanied by many sleepless nights. I neverContinue reading “Part 3: Developing Your Ministry’s Heart to Start Work on New Campuses”

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